Friday, May 30, 2008

Touch Windows

As you might have heard by now, Microsoft is introducing touch screen technology in Windows 7; Microsoft's next operating system release

Well this is an interesting concept and Bill Gates being a great envisioner, is I think right in predicting that in future the ways we interact with our PCs would change.I also expect(and hope) this release of windows to get a better reception than Vista, which was a TOTAL flop.

Also don't get fooled by Ballmer's comment of selling 150 million copies of Windows Vista. This number does'nt show that it was successfull or people liked it. Those number just show that how powerfull Microsoft is and on the contrary how helpless the rest of the world is. Vista sucked; everyone knew it but still they had no other option but to buy and use it. The reason being that all new laptops were getting shipped with Vista. You actually had to customize your laptop, pay extra and even wait more to get Windows XP installed. Unfortunately even if Windows 7 is crapy, people would still buy, use and eventually like it. The reason being that In the PC market there is simply no alternative to Windows (Apple is too expensive and Linux is too geeky)

Fortunately, being a Gnu Linux and open source software user I don't fall under this helpless category. Whenever I buy a laptop the first thing I do is that I repartition, remove Windows install Linux and other free software.


Ahmar said... can sue you on what you wrote about them but anyway its really goooooooood:-)

Sibte said...

Come on man, there is something known as Free Speech :)

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